Women’s March: the continuing journey

This weekend, the Women’s Convention in Detroit is continuing the movement that began nine months ago with the historic Women’s March. Looking back on the march prompts a number of reflections. Along with many others, I helped organize the sister march in Cleveland (and at least half of my campaign committee volunteered at the event). I don’t think any of us imagined the extraordinary response that followed.

Meanwhile, both the march and the convention represent major milestones in “a much longer journey…” That’s how Cleveland Heights – University Heights student Fiona Macke described this movement, on the flier she created for the Cleveland Women’s March. Looking back on what she wrote, it’s still an impressive tip sheet for activism, concise and relevant.

It also highlights what I think is one more milestone yet to come this year. As Macke wrote,

“Vote in every election from school board to President. It’s the only way to enusre that people in power will hear you”

In Lakewood, November 7 will be the first opportunity to take this step since the Women’s March. We have not had a primary or a special election all year.

I know that Lakewood had a big presence at the Women’s March, both locally and in Washington. Many people have gotten involved and stayed engaged since. None of these tasks are finished, either; “activism is a marathon not a sprint.” But for those in Lakewood who took part in or inspiration from the Women’s March, “vote in every election” has remained in the in-tray all year awaiting an opportunity.

That opportunity is going on now (with postal and early voting), and it continues for 10 more days.

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