Where I stand on issues

Since I set out an initial platform including better senior amenities, and protecting Lakewood’s green space, I have spoken with people throughout the community about dozens more issues that matter to them. Lead safety, youth recreation opportunities, nuisance laws, just to name a few.

Throughout the campaign, however, proactive communication and transparency has always been a priority. That’s why I have encouraged people to speak out with ideas and questions, holding frequent public events and trying to bring the conversation to people throughout Lakewood.

On Election Day, I hope you will allow me an opportunity to take these conversations further, as an active representative for you on City Council.

There are other questions on our ballots in Lakewood, however, and people have also asked me about some of these. (Especially Issue 2!) I’m glad to answer these questions also. Your vote is ultimately your decision, and I encourage you to check some independent guides like Vote411 or ballotpedia. But I think we have a right to know where people representing us—or seeking to represent us—stand on issues before the community.

So, here are the decisions I made and some comments on how I made them.

As always, hit me up if you have more questions or comments to share!

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