Reelection thank-yous

Span Ohio

First, thank you to all who made our campaign for re-election possible, let alone successful. And of course thank you Lakewood for the honor and opportunity to continue my service. Congratulations Sarah Kepple and Tom Bullock on your successful re-elections as well! And to everyone who ran on Tuesday’s council race—Laura Rodriguez-Carbone, Kyle Baker and Mark A. Schneider—thank you for running and making democracy work here in Lakewood!

There are more people to thank than I can in one post, but I’ll try to name a few. Thank you to Donna Kolis, my treasurer, friend and confidant! Thank you Eric Deamer and David for the hours of work in the field, countless phone calls and doors knocked. Matt Kuhns, your words and designs animated this effort as they have from the very beginning 4 years ago. And of course Mike Skindell for saving the day on too many days to count.

Sarah Badgett and Dr. Matthew Badgett, just always answering the call and doing whatever needed to be done. Emily Christescu, Deb Sweeney, Jean McKay and Bonnie Sikes for being there from the very beginning and always getting the job done.

Ahmie Polak Yeung, Joy BrightStar, Dean Dilzell, Kevin Young—the number of voters you were able to reach and talk to boosted this campaign to unbeatable status!

Mayor George, Sen. Sherrod Brown, Nina Turner, Council Pres. Dan O’Malley, Councilman Jason Shachner, Laura Rodríguez Carbone and other civic leaders who backed me without hesitation.

Michael Berler, Charles Milsaps, Marc Dann, Ronald Frederick, and so many others who gave their time and money to make this all work. Thank you all!!

There are many others, thank you to all I didn’t mention. This was a real team effort.

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