Earth Day Resolutions

Lakewood takes pride in being an environmentally conscious community, as we should. Recycling rates are up; bike infrastructure promotes a healthy option for Lakewoodites and our environment. But there are other responsibilities where our practice has fallen behind our intentions. To honor Earth Day 2017, here are a few examples of what I believe Lakewood can do better


Despite good progress in aggregate numbers, our city’s approach to recycling has actually become less supportive for many people. Before 2015, apartment residents could leave recyclables in blue bags for collection; now the refuse department only collects from blue bins, which it doesn’t provide to most apartments or businesses. The official “solution” is for them to drive their own recycling to the Berea Road facility—even though city collection trucks pass down their own street once every week. Most probably throw everything away, instead, even if they would like to be less wasteful. Let’s give them a better option.