Four town halls: results & what’s next

In June and July, our campaign hosted four open-ended community town halls. For the most part, Lakewood hasn’t seen anything like these in years.

I’m more convinced than ever that it’s time to change that.

Turnout has grown at each ward town hall (after making allowances for extra turnout in Ward 4 to see a very special guest). On July 29, dozens showed up for the Ward 2 town hall for no reason other than a conversation about our city. As I told everyone there, I want to keep this going. If I’m elected to city council, I will continue holding open town hall meetings.

Be part of a local town hall meeting

Close involvement with the community should be local government’s best feature. We can find solutions through real, open conversations among people, without the barriers that tend to divide us otherwise.

That’s how it should work, and as a candidate for Lakewood City Council At-large that’s what I’m committed to delivering. Let’s have open discussion, let’s discuss the issues, and let’s get more people not only heard but involved.

Let’s get started, too. Please attend a town hall conversation about your ideas for a better Lakewood. Starting June 10, I’m hosting a series of town halls in our city’s wards, but the focus is you and your input. What’s working in Lakewood, and what should work better? Whether it’s a citywide issue, a larger issue, or an issue local to your block, this is the place for it.

All voices are welcome, especially if you haven’t been engaged in local issues before! Your input does matter.

A campaign kick-off with special guests

Apparently, true grassroots campaigns aren’t discouraged by rain, they thrive in it.

Today’s campaign kick-off made this clear. On a cold and rainy day in Lakewood, our campaign team set up everything to receive guests, and then watched the gray scene before us wondering if any would show up.

A few showed up. Then a few more. Then more. Etc.