Election Day

Polls close for Election 2017 in a little over five hours. It has turned into a beautiful fall day in Lakewood, and I hope as many people as possible will enjoy it while being part of our community’s future.

For anyone taking a last-minute look,

My background includes degrees in business administration and public administration; two startups; volunteer work as county coordinator for OSHIIP; a great tenure doing outreach for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank; and working as regional field director for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign.

My goals include substantive measures to protect Lakewood’s green space, and public services; improved senior amenities; promoting inclusive policies over those that discriminate like Lakewood’s current nuisance law and breed-specific dog ordinance; and better year-round communication and participation for all Lakewood residents in the decisions that affect them, before those decisions get made.

I am endorsed by the local UAW, AFSCME, Northeast Ohio Young Black Democrats, Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, Our Revolution, Cleveland Action Democrats, DSA Cleveland and Working Families Party…

I have also been endorsed by a number of Lakewood residents, and I hope very much that you will join them when you mark your ballot.

This campaign is about our local community, and what we can do together to help make Lakewood better for all.

Experience that matters

I believe this election is about our future. But experience is very valuable in getting things done, especially in a way that’s thoughtful and inclusive.

I will bring real-world experience to Lakewood City Council:

  • Greater Cleveland Food Bank, where I was one of the first employees in a new Outreach Department, providing millions of meals per year to our most vulnerable populations
  • Business experience creating and running two start-ups
  • MoveOn.org, United Against Hate Program, Deputy State Director
  • Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP), Volunteer County Coordinator
  • Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign, Field Director and National Ballot Access Officer
  • Advocacy at the state and federal levels for increases to food assistance programs and for banking reforms
  • Cleveland State Democrats, VP
  • Church on the North Coast, Media Director
  • BONGA Media, a nonprofit program which I organized and led, teaching media, marketing and computer skills to empower the residents of a small community in Uganda
  • Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, Outreach Volunteer

I am also proud of the work that went into my Master’s of Public Administration from CSU, and of the months of experience meeting people throughout Lakewood, during this campaign. But the experience that I will rely on most, if elected to Lakewood City Council, is first-hand, real-world experience helping people. That’s what public service should be about. I’m ready to put all of my experience in this category to work for our community.