Thank you everyone!

I am profoundly honored to be a councilman-elect for the city of Lakewood.

This was a long campaign; Tuesday was a long day that stretched into a long night, before final results.

But it’s official, Lakewood has called on me to serve on City Council.

The support from this community is incredible. Over 4,500 voted for our campaign, more votes than any campaign received in Lakewood’s last at-large race four years ago. This response to my first-ever campaign for office is moving. I am more than happy with this overall second-place result, and I congratulate first-place finisher Meghan F. George.

Our swearing-in will likely take place around the first of January. There is much to do even before then, to start delivering on a more inclusive, better Lakewood for all. Please stay tuned for updates as we recover from the campaign and get to work on realizing that promise.

Meanwhile, there are far, far too many people and organizations to thank, but I will make a start and keep trying in the days ahead.

Thank you:

  • Kristine Pagsuyoin, and my campaign committee
  • Amazing volunteers; donors; everyone who attended an event; everyone who displayed a yard sign
  • Nina Turner, State Senator Mike Skindell, former US congressman Dennis Kucinich
  • Greg Murray, Jennifer Scott and all the advocates for Charie and breed-neutral dog laws in Lakewood
  • Endorsing organizations from DSA to NE Ohio Young Black Democrats to UAW etc.!
  • The Bernie campaign alumni who reunited to help with this campaign!

And certainly not least, my family, including my wife Caitlin. I could not have done this without your support and would not have wanted to try!

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