State Officials Deserve an “F” Not Our Kids and Teachers

Our public schools are important to Lakewood. They’re important to me, too; my wife and I look forward to sending our children to good Lakewood schools when we start a family. So I want to share a few thoughts about Lakewood’s “report card” which Ohio’s Department of Education released last week. This included three Cs, …

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My commitment to you

Two questions come up, repeatedly, as I’m talking with people in Lakewood: “Will you fight for the community?” “Will you be able to get anything done?” I will fight for the community. I decided to run because I saw a lack of leadership. I have seen what happens when public servants let special interests and …

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Privatize This

From Medicare to our local recycling and refuse services, the signs are abundant, what has historically been owned by the public, is slipping into the for-profit sector. The justifications are simple enough. Our leaders tell us, “either we raise your taxes, or we outsource this service or department.” This message isn’t crafted by local politicians …

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