Support from the Community

I’m proud of the endorsements I have received from organizations, particularly Our Revolution, which carries on the national campaign for progressive change that Senator Bernie Sanders inspired last year.

But I am honored by the support from within our community. I’m running to represent the people of Lakewood, and the people will ultimately judge my candidacy. So I am deeply grateful for recent letters-to-the-editor from Lakewood residents.

Tim Collingwood, in The Lakewood Observer:

…when I moved to Lakewood close to three years ago this October, there was one person I knew who respected people and got around issues and causes that people supported simply because he cares about the community he lives in. That person is Tristan Rader.

…When I went to a Town Hall meeting at Garfield School not too long ago, I mentioned that Cranford Ave has been slow to repair the street and repair the sidewalks. Tristan said that he would talk to the people currently tasked to see that through, and within a week of that promise, I saw construction workers working on the street which is now pot-hole free, and working on the sidewalks making them easier to walk on. I saw something get done.

…We need someone who will truly be a public servant for public service. That person is Tristan Rader, and he has my full support. I hope you consider him in the upcoming local election.

Casey Davis, at

…Tristan Rader is running for city council at-large and is my hope for Lakewood’s future. He is enthusiastic, very aware of Lakewood’s issues and eager to offer hands-on solutions. He wants to make sure Lakewood continues to be an affordable place to live for all; do away with the bully breed dog ban, bring back full-court basketball and to continue to make the city eco-friendly and healthy.

Tristan would be a transparent leader and bring the community to the table of leadership. He’d work with others to make Lakewood a community that truly does embraces all.

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my campaign with encouragement, whether in letters or on social media or in the conversations we’ve had throughout our community. I will continue working to earn your “endorsement” and to remain worthy of it, through Election Day and beyond.

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