My commitment to you

Two questions come up, repeatedly, as I’m talking with people in Lakewood:

  1. “Will you fight for the community?”
  2. “Will you be able to get anything done?”

I will fight for the community. I decided to run because I saw a lack of leadership. I have seen what happens when public servants let special interests and pride sway their decisions. It’s clear something has to change.

I’m not bought, and I don’t have connections to the political establishment. They know better than to try to buy me off; if they do I will let the public know what they’re up to. I do not accept corporate contributions. I will not be taking money or favors from our current city officials. If they send me a check, it will be returned.

I guarantee I will get more done than current incumbents. That’s an easy promise to keep because I am already working hard to understand your needs, and plan to work even harder to implement positive changes that meet those needs.

At the same time, I’m not naive enough to think that I can make wholesale sweeping, changes on my own. That was never the point of my race. But we must start somewhere, and make the best choices we possibly can. This is about steering a ship back on course, slowly, one positive change at a time.

This is about protecting against privatization; not letting publicly owned resources fall into for-profit hands. This is about holding town halls and involving the community in decision making whenever possible. This is about replacing antiquated laws with modern laws that are proven to work better. This is about ensuring that the development our city pursues isn’t just for a single demographic.

Going around the city and listening to you in every ward… what is clear is that Lakewood is an amazing place that people love deeply… and that many don’t feel heard. I’m here to listen. A funny thing happens when leaders listen and act in the interest of the community. All of a sudden, it’s not just a leader making choices on their own. Me against the world…? No, it’s me and the community against the special interests that have controlled our city for far too long. This has never been about how I can change Lakewood, this is about what progress we can make over time, together.

You have a choice this year. Will Lakewood settle for changing nothing… or will you put me to the test and see what change we can make together?

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