Honored by this citizen endorsement

Stan Austin is a genuine pillar of the community. He has been an organizer, has worked on campaign after campaign, spent years covering city council as a citizen journalist…
So his endorsement in the most recent Lakewood Observer is very humbling.

Forty years ago I was one of the co-founders of the Lakewood Democratic Club. The organizers of the Club felt that Lakewood was facing a crossroad and progressive Democrats had to organize in order to put our agenda out to the public and elect Democrats to Lakewood offices. In that effort I think we have been largely successful to the benefit of Lakewood.

Today I think we still face some significant issues such as a massive giveaway of City assets and thinly disguised discrimantory laws such as breed specific ordinances.

I have watched Tristan Rader on the campaign trail. He first of all recognizes these kinds of issues. Secondly, he has logically thought them through with a fresh look and a respectful recognition of our past.

It’s time that we in Lakewood catch up with our future again!

Thank you, Stan. You have been a tremendously generous example, and I will do my best to live up to that standard in service to Lakewood.

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