Response: Neo-Nazi Posters

Neo-Nazi poster at bus stop

 Neo-Nazi poster at bus stop

On Memorial Day, Lakewood woke up to find these neo-Nazi posters illegally posted in bus stops up and down Clifton Blvd. The group identified on the posters is a Neo-Nazi, white supremacist group active here in the United States. RTA did not approve these to be in their stops and I believe that something of this nature would not have been approved, even if submitted to the proper channels.

This overtly racist, Nazi propaganda, in my view, is hate speech.  We are a community that welcomes diversity. We are actively seeking to break down barriers that have caused hyper-segregation, lack of opportunity for minorities, disparity and many other serious issues relating to race. These posters are hateful and are promoting the exact opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

RTA has said that we are welcome to pull these down if we see them. What I would ask is that you take a picture of any posters still on bus stops, then take them down, send photos with the locations to the City. Please, include a note letting the City know you took them down… send this through the Lakewood website (link below.) Hate is not welcome here.

As always, feel free to reach out to me if you need anything.

Tristan Rader – 440-315-2852

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