Endorsed by Cleveland Action Democrats

Thank you very much to Cleveland Action Democrats for honoring me with your support!

Tristan Rader is a young leader in Lakewood that we hope will play a major role in the future of Lakewood and Cuyahoga County politics. We believe that the future of Cuyahoga County must be a place that protects seniors, our environment, our public education, limits home vacancies, and is a place where working families and young people will want to call home. We believe Tristan has a great understanding of national issues and local issues.

Tristan is on the right side of Lakewood’s unjust ban of dogs with a pit bull breed background. We stand with Charlie, his owner, and to an end to this ban. We hope Tristan will consider animal-friendly solutions to current local wildlife issues. [Note: absolutely will consider these options first.]

Tristan is a member of the Lakewood Democratic Club, a Co-founder of the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, and is working on the yes on 2 campaign. We are happy to give him our fullest endorsement.

About the The Cleveland and suburbs of Cleveland Action Democrats: “From the West Side to the East Side, we are peaceful, peace loving, disciplined, and intelligent. Bring your ideas, bring hope, we are a bottom up organization. We need friendship, togetherness, and strong Democratic locals.”

You are a very welcome addition to my list of endorsements. I will do what I can to make you proud.

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