Rader Proposes Fire Dept. Offer CPR Classes to Residents

LAKEWOOD, OH: On Monday, Lakewood City Council passed a resolution with the council’s budget priorities. This included an initiative by Councilmember Tristan Rader to re-institute the city’s CPR training course which would be open to all residents.

In the proposal, Rader said “CPR has been proven to save lives. When CPR is provided within the first few minutes of a person going into cardiac arrest, that person’s chance of survival increases by two to three times. Because so many cardiac arrests occur outside the hospital, it is vital that community leaders and everyone else know how to perform chest compressions.”

This training would be conducted periodically throughout the year for residents who would like to learn life-saving skills such as CPR. Training would be conducted by Lakewood Fire Department. Costs to the city to run the program would be minimal and would include additional training for instructors, program materials, promotion, and administration costs. Training would be provided at no cost to residents.

Rader has been working with the Fire Department and Mayor’s team to ensure the program is up and running in early 2022. Please, check the cities website at that time for details on how to sign up for the training.

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