This campaign is community-focused

“It’s not about me, it’s about us,” was how I concluded my first formal speech as a candidate. Since then, our campaign has tried to reflect this as much as possible. I have held open, community meetings throughout Lakewood. I have declined corporate contributions and run the campaign on small, individual donations. Even on our literature, we have chosen photos showing the people that this campaign is for, rather than just photos of me.

I am grateful for all the formal endorsements I have received. But the response from the Lakewood community is what matters most, and I have been honored by all the people who have voiced support for me. In the newspaper, in person, online, with yard signs…

As we begin the final week of the campaign, it’s heartening that this support is still arriving.

Today, Lakewood resident Dan Alaimo was kind enough to write “Tristan has put together one of the best campaigns, and campaign organizations I’ve seen lately in Lakewood. It’s been comprehensive from start to finish. Campaign organizing frequently is reflected in effectiveness while in office.”

A few others have not only gone on record but on video with their support. Thank you, Sarah Kolberg:

Glad to have your support also, Matt Kuhns:

Look for more on our YouTube channel throughout the next week!

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