A campaign kick-off with special guests

Apparently, true grassroots campaigns aren’t discouraged by rain, they thrive in it.

Today’s campaign kick-off made this clear. On a cold and rainy day in Lakewood, our campaign team set up everything to receive guests, and then watched the gray scene before us wondering if any would show up.

A few showed up. Then a few more. Then more. Etc.

People kept coming, including some very special guests. My family. Neighbors. Candidates for local office. Congressional candidate Keith Mundy. High school students interested in how to get involved. And most important of all, every person who attended.

You’re the promise of this campaign: turnout, motivation, and people.

Thank you all for helping out, showing up, introducing yourselves, signing up for future events, asking questions, and for simply caring enough that even on a perfect stay-home day… you didn’t stay home.

You’re what this campaign is about. Your enthusiasm to show up, no matter the weather, started the campaign in exactly the way I hope to continue it.


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